Vital statistics
Position Guilding (Unknown)
Age N/A
Status Active (Alive)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Sligoo is an NPC protagonist in the roleplay. He traveled with the group of former humans after his Sli-Goo was stolen by a Dratini and a Noibat.




During the first serial, Sotelo decided to split the gang in pairs in order for them to explore Beach Cavern faster than they would by travelling together. Sliggoo went with Jon. In these travels Jon relied greatly on Sligoo's spectacular attack force, in spite of his equal clumsiness and random naps during their travels. Nonetheless, Sligoo proved to be very resourceful to Jon, to the point that, as seen on the 19th post of the IC, he saved him from a certain defeat at the hands of a group of Magikarp and a game-breaking Gyarados.


According to their conversation in the 10th post in the IC thread and the 16th post in the IC thread, Sligoo and Soleto might have known each other before the events of this roleplay.


  • Dragon Pulse
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???


  •  ???


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